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Chamber 4

English version of Chamber 4
(The original site is managed with Japanese language)

This site contains
- original works created with Blender, and
- about my Fortnite / UEFN works.


  • This is a Japanese 3DCG creator's portfolio site, kind of.

  • Using Blender and Unreal Engine 5.

  • Unity? a little bit.

Other output site

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About me

Started learning 3DCG/Blender since 2020.
Loving background scene creation, than characters.

Loving Reverse Joint leg

W.I.P - UEFN works

Fortnite / UEFN

Creating Fortnite islands and assets

My first island. Always underconstruction as this island is kind of room for experiment (for assets, VFXs).

W.I.P - ArtWorks


Characters from my original story (novel written in Japanese).
Created and output only with Blender.
Botaniq  /  Aquatiq  /  Auto-Building

How to make NPR scene on Blender (in my case)

  • 1. Prepare assets with modeling.

  • 2. Check the rough layout

  • 3-4. Adjust layout while adding more a

  • 5. Add background ,distant scenery and lighting.

  • 6.Add characters and composite.

  • 7. Done.

Other outputs
(Different colours and angles.)